Dump Trucks

November 28, 2014

Dump Trucks are used almost exclusively for short-haul work. A Class 3 licence is required for most dump truck driving, but more and more dump trucks pull a pups. These units require the driver to have a Class 1 licence, if the towed unit exceeds 4,600 kg. And if the truck and trailer have air brakes, the driver must hold an air brake endorsement.




Trucks that haul aggregates include belly dumps, end dumps and conventional dump trucks. The majority of the work for dump trucks is to & from a construction site. Some dump trucks are used to haul landscaping materials to private residences.


Most work involving dump trucks is short haul work. Drivers like this type of work owing to the fact that they are home every night. As well, there is little work for the driver outside driving the truck.


Navigation can be a problem when working on construction sites. Where should the loads be dumped, where is the proper place to park the truck to be loaded by the the excavator, and where do you drive that you don’t get stuck in the mud or snow.  These are some of the challenges of driving on construction sites. Also, when dumping, there is the necessity of paying attention to overhead wires and other obstructions that may be struck when raising the dump box. Moreover, when raising the dump box, the driver must pay attention to the state of the ground and whether her truck is level, because if not, the unit could tip over when the box is hoisted.