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Class 1 (Tractor-Trailer) Driver Training:
Class 1 drivers earn competitive salaries and enjoy excellect benefits.

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CSTT Courses
At CSTT, our team provides comprehensive lessons and classes for driver training and certifications, such as air brake endorsement. Please follow our courses tab for complete course and certification list.


Air Brake Course Schedule
Take a look at our newest class calender and decide which class fits your schedule best.


Maintaining Mundane Driving

Preventing emergencies during your drive It is always safer and quicker to steer out of trouble than to brake and attempt to stop in the event of an emergency. The Read more…

CSTT Driver Training School

Founded in 2000, CSTT Driver Training is the leading driving school in Victoria, BC, providing driving lessons for classes 1 through 4 and air brake endorsement courses. As well, we offer FREE ONLINE practice driving tests for all licence classes.

All CSTT's instructors are ICBC licensed, possess extensive teaching knowledge, and decades of combined experience in the driving industry. All lessons are delivered one-on-one.

CSTT instructors also deliver industrial forklift, WHMIS, aerial boomlift, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and RV training.

CSTT Job Placement & Training

CSTT provides a unique opportunity for its students in that they have the occasion to learn truck driving skills by pulling “real” loads. Owing to the fact that Jencam Transport and CSTT operate out of the same yard, many students gain valuable experience that other driving schools simply don’t offer.

Many transport companies—unless they have a mentoring program--will simply not hire recent driving school graduates. To work for most trucking companies, drivers must have experience. Recent graduates are therefore stuck in the ole’ adage: you can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.

In light of this challenge that our graduates face, CSTT gives students a 'leg up' by offering students a real insight into the trucking profession. CSTT's licenced instructors and Jencam's mentors understand that students require more time, and this working relationship is established to provide students with valuable experience in industry situations. This unique part of CSTT's training allows students to gain valuable experience that they would not otherwise receive during their truck driver training.

Job Placement

At CSTT, we help to put you in the driver’s seat. Our network of trucking companies allows us to counsel and direct students as to where they might find gainful employment. In many cases, we recommend students to companies. Also, we at CSTT assist students in gaining viable employment by providing references for students.

CSTT Industrial Training Solutions

Driver Evaluations, Remediation & Training

For many companies, driver performance is paramount to keeping down insurance, repair and potential liable suit costs. In the event of a driver crash(es) many companies face the uncertain decision of whether to rehabilitate an employee or terminate her employment. Terminating an employee's job can consume huge amounts of company time, in both the paperwork involved, and the time and money required to hire a new driver.

CSTT can assist companies by conducting a driver evaluation, writing a report and making recommendations about the employee's performance. In the event of rehabilitation, CSTT offers a training program that will be amenable to all parties involved.

Fuel Mileage

Behind employee salaries, fuel is the greatest expense for trucking companies. Progressive shifting, utilizing cruise control, anticipating traffic, and reducing idling times all result in better fuel mileage. At CSTT, we can help you to reduce your fuel costs with real cost benefits to your company.


CSTT trainers will provide participants with an understanding of the safe and efficient handling of Hazardous Products in your workplace. In doing so, CSTT will assist your company in meeting its obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and specifically the WHMIS Regulations. If you have any questions about WHIMIS training, please contact us so we can assist you further. When the course is completed each trainee will receive a wallet size certified WHMIS certificate (Card).

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

If you are planning on shipping any items that are classified as Dangerous Goods, such as paint, calcium hypochlorite, or even wool, your employee needs to have successfully completed a course in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and have attained a valid certification. TDG for Drivers is an effective course designed specifically for drivers who transport dangerous goods. The course fulfills the general training requirements for drivers as established by both Transport Canada (federal) and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (British Columbia). This course is designed for both novice and professional drivers alike.

Forklift Training

At CSTT, our course covers both theory and practical aspects of operating a lift truck. The course can either be conducted with CSTT equipment or at the customer's location with their equipment. CSTT's course certifies students in accordance with workplace safety standards and regulations. Students will learn pre-trips inspection, safe operating and lifting procedures, and location hazards that will allow operators to prevent injury to themselves or other employees.

A New Career

Deciding to change careers can be exciting, doubtful and scary. There is always uncertainty. During the decision, there are many questions that prevail:

  • How am I going to support myself financially while I’m attending school?
  • How will I pay for tuition?
  • Will my spouse and my family support my decision?
  • Will I be able to get a job at the end of my training?
  • How will I get a job without any experience?
  • What kind of money will I make without experience?

These are some of the questions that you will ask yourself as you face the daunting decision between staying stuck in dead end jobs and retraining yourself to move forward.


Fortunately, you are not alone. There are numerous government agencies that can help with your decision to seek a career in the truck driving profession. Foremost, if you are currently unemployed, Service Canada can provide councelling as to programs that might assist you in your retraining. In some cases there are government subsidies available that will make your training possible.

Further, employment agencies such as CARE can provide you with classes that will teach you job searching skills such as resume & cover letter writing, interviewing, and contacting potential employers. They can also point you in the direction of other agencies that can provide further assistance.

Finally, the personnel at CSTT are always available for consultation, and can provide leads and references for possible employment.