Truckin’s Dirty Dozen: 12 rules to keep you movin’ – trucking rules

December 24, 2014

trucking rules

Professional drivers know that there are rules that keep their days safe and uneventful. These rules must be followed, otherwise you will be hurt, the truck will breakdown, or the driving public will be put at risk. As well, customer service will be compromised if the rigid rules of trucking are violated. In trucking stuff happens: therefore, cover your butt with these trucking rules:

  1. Always check the oil – even if you’re in a hurry.
  2. Always check the 5th wheel connection with a flashlight to ensure that the jaws are locked behind the kingpin – especially if you’re returning to your unit after a period of absence
  3. If you’re the least bit sure when backing GOAL – get out and look
  4. Always back into a parking space at a truck stop or drop-point – you can always drive out if you back in, but you can’t always back out if you drive in
  5. Be a rock climber when getting in, out and on & off your truck – use 3-points of contact when climbing off & on the truck (2 arms-1 leg; 2 legs-1arm)
  6. Before throwing open the “barn doors” – open them a crack and peek in – if the freight has shifted it won’t fall out and land on your head
  7. Always back in on the sight-side, unless there is absolutely no alternative
  8. Make U-turn with a truck & trailer as big as possible – if tight, go slow – if you do make a circle turn, always do it in a counter-clockwise direction to keep obstacles on the sight-side
  9. On asphalt or other soft surfaces, put boards under the trailer dollies
  10. If you’re in a truck that has an exhaust stack anywhere near the driver’s door, wear ear protection – your hearing will thank you later in life
  11. Always visually check the height of a trailer before backing under
  12. If you’re getting in a different truck that you haven’t seen before, check the fuel level with a flashlight, and if really in doubt, dip the tank

Photo By User:Mahanga (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons