CSTT Driving Tips | General Driving Part 2 – velocitization

November 5, 2014

Counter-steering: not just for racing


The open road is no place to learn advanced riding skills. Take a course, or practice handling your bike heading out.

“Stupid Hurts”, David L. Hough (www.soundrider.com)

Countersteering is a complex motorcycle manoeuvre and is best learned in a controlled environment with a professional motorcycle instructor.


MC Tire Pressure 


Check the bike’s tire pressure every time you fuel up!

Adjust the tire pressure according to the weight you are carrying. Check your owner’s manual for specification. An under inflated tire may overheat, compromising your safety.

A > 10% increase in tire pressure indicates low tire pressure.


Motorcycle – Definition


When dose our scooter become a “real” motorcycles?

If your motorcycle has an engine greater than 50cc or 1.5 kW, it must be registered, licensed and insures, The rider must have a Class 6/8 licence and wear a motorcycle helmet.

Pimping out your ride does not make it a motorcycle. BC’s motor vehicle legislation provides specific definitions.


Motorcycle – Left Turn


Left-hand turns are one of the most complex maneuvers that challenge a new rider. If you’re the least bit sure of your skills, go through the intersection and make 3 right-hand turns around the block to go in the desired direction.

Left-hand turns are the leading cause of riders being struck in an intersection.

Both executing a left-hand turn and other vehicles turning in front of riders in intersections presents a danger.


Motorcycle – turning


Often during turns, a motorcycle is leaned over; however, in the spring roads are littered with sand, dirt and other loose debris. Before turning, inspect the road surface for debris; if present, slow the bike to a speed that allows you to keep it upright and turn with only the handlebars.


Cycling Safety

Cycling is gift that lasts a lifetime


In part of Canada, spring is here and a great way to explore is on a bicycle. Remember, the rules of the road, observation and listening are keys to keeping you safe.

Properly fitted & adjusted helmets prevent head injuries.


Before Opening Door


When parked along side the road, always check the mirror and shoulder check before opening the door.

One day, a cyclist will thank you!

By checking to the rear and looking in your blind spot, you will potentially see any cyclists approaching and prevent them from being struck with your door.


Flashing Green Light —- BC Road Rules


In British Columbia, a flashing green traffic light is a pedestrian activated traffic light.

When approaching this light, search the area for pedestrians who may be nearing the light. Consequently, expect the light to change.


Spring Driving —- In Celebration of Spring


As the weather improve, more vehicles vie for our finite road space. More & more drivers seek to get outside after the long winter spent indoors. Take your time, plan your route and increase your following distance.

Be sure to bring along your sunglasses to combat glare!


Fall Down


Occasionally, life knocks us down

When life knocks you down, be sure to land on your back!

Because if you can look up, you can get up! —- Les Brown


Distracted Driving —- Houston, we have a problem…


Report from the CDC (Centres for Disease Control) states that 1/3 of Americans admitted to texting while driving in the last 30 days. That’s 100 Million people!

219,000,000 M (70%) Americans admitted to using their cell phone while driving in the last 30 days.

Distracted Driving Campaigns are simply not working.

Only technology will love the problem.




A big word that means drivers have become accustomed to a high rate of speed – usually on a freeway.

As a result they fails to slow enough to safely navigate the exit ramp, which is where the bulk of truck rollovers occur.

If you are about to exit the freeway and realize that your speed is too high, brake hard — even to the point of locking up — while the unit is still straight!

Match the speed posted on the caution sign (yellow with black lettering) b/f reaching the exit lane!


Space in Front —- Space Management


If you are this close to another vehicle and not about to pass, you are too close.

Maintaining a 3-6 second following distance is fundamental to interpreting traffic patterns and having a “living room”, which will allow time to react smoothly and effectively.

Despite false claims that other vehicles will cut in front, drivers can always control the space in front of their vehicle!

Space management is key to safe driving and good fuel economy.


Trailer Wheel Bearings


Check the wheel bearings annually – more frequently under heavy use. Jack the trailer, grab the tire at the 9 & 3 position, and attempt to move the tire along the horizontal plane. The tire should not rock: next, spin the tire; it should spin freely without any noise or scraping. If the tire exhibits any of these symptoms, have the bearings replaced by a qualified person.

CST provides training for both heavy trailer (Code 20) & the house trailer (Code 7) endorsement.

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(Photo by Robert Couse-BakerCC BY)